Clarion Echoes

Frank Gordon
Frank Gordon

Artists :

Ari Brown ( Sax Tenor )
Bobby Watson ( Sax Alto )
Carl Allen ( Drums )
James Williams ( Piano )
Rufus Reid ( Bass )
Frank Gordon ( Trumpet )
Frank Gordon

"I've always wanted my music to tell a story.  I want people to sit back, close their eyes and listen to my music.  It should provoke thoughts and images - like seeing a movie.  The script will depend on what is in each listener's mind".  (Frank Gordon)

(Original Vinyl LP also available)

More Information
Title Clarion Echoes
Barcode 8024709070128
Catalogue Number 121096-2
Display Artist Frank Gordon
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 30, 1985
Year 1985
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:36:36
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album