The Saxophone Shop

The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir

Artists :

Bob Howell ( Sax Tenor )
David Gibson ( Drums )
Eddie Green ( Piano )
Gerald Veasley ( Bass Elect. Bass )
Julian Pressley ( Sax Alto )
Odean Pope ( Tenor Sax, Flute, Oboe )
Robert "Bootsie" Barnes ( Sax Tenor )
Robert Landham ( Sax Alto )
Sam Reed ( Sax Alto )
Arthur Daniel ( Tenor Saxophone )
Bootsie Barnes ( Tenor Saxophone )
The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir

“Odean Pope's "Saxophone Choir" is well-titled. The tenor saxophonist is joined by three altos and three tenors (along with a standard rhythm section) for six of his originals and two other songs that he arranged. The saxophonists primarily function as "background singers," making their voices heard mostly as accompanists for the leader. It's an interesting concept.” (source:, S.Yanow)

(Original Vinyl LP also available)

More Information
Title The Saxophone Shop
Barcode 8024709073327
Catalogue Number 121129-2
Display Artist The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 30, 1986
Year 1986
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:30:30
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album