Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
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Artists :

Bob Howell ( Sax Tenor )
Craig McIver ( Drums )
Dave Burrell ( Piano )
Eddie Green ( Piano )
Glenn Guidone ( Sax Tenor )
Joe Sudler ( Sax Baritone )
Julian Pressley ( Sax Alto )
Middy Middleton ( Sax Tenor )
Odean Pope ( Tenor Sax, Flute, Oboe )
Robert "Bootsie" Barnes ( Sax Tenor )
Robert Landham ( Sax Alto )
Sam Reed ( Sax Alto )
Tyrone Brown ( Bass )
Odean Pope Saxophone Choir

“Tenor saxophonist Odean Pope's third post-bop Saxophone Choir outing was released on the Soul Note label in 1994. Epitome includes a saxophone section of three altos, five tenors, and one baritone, Eddie Green and Dave Burrell splitting piano duties with Tyrone Brown on bass, and Craig McIver on drums. This is not an avant-garde big-band assembly, even though there are moments ("Coltrane Time") that certainly fit that description. Eight of the ten tracks were written by various group members, with Pope's arrangements incorporating his early Baptist church choir vocal education with Mingus-/Ellington-inflected moods, especially apparent on "Terrestrial," which sounds like a quiet section from Black Saint and the Sinner Lady and "Lift Ev'ry Voice." This is a truly unique and moving ensemble, making any of their discs recommended.  

(source: AllMusic.com, A.Campbell)

More Information
Title Epitome
Barcode 8024709088024
Catalogue Number 121279-2
Display Artist Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 30, 1994
Year 1994
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:55:55
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album