A Dream Comes True

Lilian Terry Meets Tommy Flanagan
Lilian Terry Meets Tommy Flanagan
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Artists :

Jesper Lundgaard ( Bass )
Tommy Flanagan ( Piano )
Tommy Tedesco ( Mixing Engineer )
Ed Thigpen ( Drums )
Lilian Terry ( Vocal )
Lilian Terry Meets Tommy Flanagan
“Sharing this album is Tommy Flanagan, who is not merely the principal accompanist; the plan of the album is clearly that of co-equals creating a joint expression. Lilian’s choice of Tommy was inspired, for he is not only a superb soloist, but his classical performances with Ella Fitzgerald have established him as the finest collaborator any singer could hope for. And it says a great deal about Lilian that Tommy would not appear with just ordinarily good singer. 
Accompanying Lilian and Tommy are Jesper Lundgaard, the latest “great Dane” in a series of brilliant young Scandinavian bassists, and Ed Thigpen, one of the most highly regarded drummers of the post-bop era.  With Tommy Flanagan, they form a rhythm section whose variety, skill and subtleties provide a broad rhythmic range in setting this album’s foundations.”  
(source: from the album’s extensive liner notes by George Avakian)

More Information
Title A Dream Comes True
Barcode 8024709065223
Catalogue Number 121047-2
Display Artist Lilian Terry Meets Tommy Flanagan
Label Soul Note
Release date Dec 30, 1982
Year 1982
Format cd, digital
Duration 0:36:36
Main genre Jazz
Product type full album